Houser Racing Pro Bounce XC Nerf Bars

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Houser Racing Pro Bounce Nerfs

-Unique suspension foot peg (Pro Bounce) featuring a rubber ball with shock absorbing abilities. The foot peg has a convex shape that secures the boot and sheds mud easily. Rubber isolation mounts help reduce frame vibration and improve rider fatigue.

-Tree Hugger design is used exactly for that. The extra bend in the tube allows riders to pivot around trees and make faster corners, ultimately passing the competition.

-Heel guards mount directly to the foot peg in both locations instead of the frame or subframe. This helps prevent cracks or damage from normal wear and tear, but also means you wont tear your frame apart if you rip one of these nerf bars off.

-Aluminum tubes bolt directly to steel mounts. The bolt together assembly eliminates welded aluminum allowing the nerfs to flex, preventing aluminum weld cracks.

-Radius Net Loops help reduce net frey. No slits to tear the webbing. High Strength Rivets hold on Radius Net Loops.

-Overall width of your ATV with these nerf bars installed should be roughly 46 1/2" - 47".

-Bolt together assembly allows for easy installation and individual parts replacement.