Houser Racing A-arms (YFZ)

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NOTE: If you have an '04-'05 YFZ450, you must upgrade to the '06-'13 YFZ450 tie rod ends to use with Houser's '06-'13 YFZ450 A-arms

  • Patented Slicast (US Patent # US 7,568,711) Caster Adjustment - adjusts your caster independently from your camber with our Slicast (US Patent # US 7,568,711) Cam
  • Aftermarket Shock Location - Longer Shock is required.
  • Cecco Caster Bracket (YFZ450R/X's Only) - A bolt on solution that alters the OEM Caster, making the ATV handle easier
  • Maximum Ground Clearance
  • Made from TIG Welded 4130 Chromoly Steel Tubing
  • Greasable Needle Bearing and Seal Design
  • Durable Tie Rods: Cut to Size and Powdercoated
  • Nyloc Nuts and Loc Washers for Safety of Ball Joints
  • Dust Caps: to keep dirt out and grease in
  • Sealed Ball Joints
  • Longer brake lines may be required
    SLICAST (US Patent # US 7,568,711)

    Slicast Caster Adjustment
    The SLICAST (US Patent # US 7,568,711) caster adjustment is the only caster adjustment on the market today that can be adjusted independently from the camber setting. The Aluminum SLICAST (US Patent # US 7,568,711) Feature has 11 settings, each giving you 0.5 degrees of caster change. Each setting is labeled for ease of use. The SLICAST (US Patent # US 7,568,711) rotates like a cam or bearing carrier, with the ball joint hole being on an eccentric. To adjust the SLICAST (US Patent # US 7,568,711), simply untighten the upper ball joint jam nut 3/16u201d and pop out the SLICAST (US Patent # US 7,568,711) CAM. Turn the cam to the desired rotation (caster setting) and press back in, tighten your jam nut, & ride with the new SLICAST (US Patent # US 7,568,711) setting.

    How does the Caster Setting affect the handling of your ATV?
    The Caster Setting affects the handling of the ATV as it corners or goes in a straight line. Rotating the top ball joint toward the rear of the ATV makes the ATV handle better in a straight line. Rotating the top ball joint toward the front of the ATV, makes the ATV corner better.

    What SLICAST (US Patent # US 7,568,711)setting is best for me?
    There is not an overall best setting. The SLICAST (US Patent # US 7,568,711) Cam should be adjusted to reflect: your unique riding style, the terrain you are riding in, and the type of riding you are doing.

    Maximum Ground Clearance
    Additional clearance between the lower A-Arm and the ground. This is ideal for helping the rider avoid roots, ruts, rocks, and debris. Additional Ground Clearance prevents the Rider from getting stuck more often.The Lower A-Arms are bent in a way that they provide more clearance, protecting your A-Arms and Shocks from damage.
    • Generic install guide for YFZ450R '09-'17 HERE
    • Generic install guide for YFZ450 '06-'13 HERE
    • For questions regarding a specific model not pictured, please call (740)382-8100 ext. 2 for support


    • Required Shock Specs for all listed A-arms HERE